Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnets
The advanced magnet design used for the first time on the SUSVARA, aims to be acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing wave diffraction turbulence which degrades the integrity of the sound waves. The result is reduced distortion, yielding a purer, more harmonious sound that is audibly so.
Nanometer Grade
The driver’s incredible thinness, less than a millionth of a meter and extremely low mass means it can produce tremendously low distortion levels yet offer a highly dynamic response. By combining this diaphragm and “Stealth Magnet” technology each working in harmony, the audio produced is of a remarkable tonal quality and clarity.
Sonic Serenity
The “Window Shade” on the SUSVARA has been painstakingly optimised to avoid any resonant frequencies. This leads to superior aural purity, tonally clean and unadulterated yet provides practical protection for the ultrafine diaphragm and additionally offering an appealing visual aesthetic.

Our Take

The Susvara is a new level of performance for HIFIMAN’s line of planar-magnetic headphones. Combining the dual-sided magnet design of the fabled HE6 along with the nanometer driver material of the lauded HE1000, along various other advances, the Susvara brings out another realm of detail and precision.  The midrange is particularly quick and transparent, revealing sublte gradations and changes in tonality that most other headphones gloss over.  The bass extends extremely deep, and is particularly well controlled, delivering swift, powerful impact free of even the slightest bloat.

Like its’ cousin the HE6, the Susvara is a very power hungry headphone, and is well paired with balanced drive from our GS-X MkII for a listening experience unparalleled by any other planar-magnetic system.