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Abyss Headphones

Abyss Diana TC

They say three's a charm. Meet Diana TC, the latest version in the evolution of the world's thinnest boutique planar headphone by ABYSS.

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Our Take

The Diana TC offers impressive bass dynamics and an open soundstage, hallmarks of the Abyss sound.

Our Take

The ABYSS Diana TC headphones take the driver technology from the flagship AB-1266 Phi, and puts it in a smaller, lighter, more casual form factor. We recommend it paired with our GS-X Mini amplifier and the Chord Qutest DAC for an incredible audio system.

The DIANA headphones were launched in early 2018 as a luxury line touted as the world’s thinnest boutique headphone. It has since changed longstanding perceptions of headphone physics by easily comparing to and in many cases besting the highest performance headphones. World-class sound in a compact portable package. ABYSS has since worked toward furthering this success, producing this third higher performance TC version that’s ‘bigger on the inside’ by incorporating the Phi planar speakers from their flagship AB-1266 Phi CC, the headphone on the tip of any connoisseur’s tongue when asked; ‘What’s the best’?

The new DIANA TC headphone has world-class dynamics, resolution, and refinement to sound never before heard in such a compact package. As with any ABYSS, she’s quite capable of playing any genre of music to an extreme level of enjoyment, limited only by the electronics and recording. The goosebump inducing ‘you are there’ sound is to die for especially when combined with her 'bigger on the inside' huge sound, bass depth and speed second only to her big brother, wide soundstage with impeccable tonal balance, voices so real you feel they are with you. Diana TC; plays her heart out for you every time you wear her.

The Craftmanship

Abyss CNC machines and finishes all aluminum frame components, produce their own planer speaker drivers, and skillfully assemble with US made stainless hardware, all within their own facility in Buffalo, New York, USA. The craftsmanship is truly top of the line, you'll appreciate such features as;

  • The thinnest boutique headphone in the world sculpted from aircraft grade aluminum for incredible strength
  • Sporty leathers and soft Alcantara®.
  • High-tech ceramic finish
  • Hand-carved extra-wide low profile ear pads with minimal clamping force offer extreme comfort for any head shape
  • Emotion headband magnetically adjusts and contours your head for a comfortable fit
  • Dark Bronze or Titanium Gray color. Custom colors available by request
  • Dual zipper canvas carry case with leather accents and accessory pockets for easy travel

Plus Diana TC features brand new cutting edge technology to get the absolute highest quality of sound, such as;

  • Large 63 mm patent pending TC planar drivers with ultra-low mass diaphragm for extremely fast bass impact and subtle lifelike details to music
  • Fibonacci side hole pattern to properly tune the sound while following the flow of nature

What's Included

• Diana TC Headphone

• Headphone cable

• Canvas carry case

The Specs

• Style: Open Back

• Ear Pads / Headband: Leather

• Cable: Multiple Options

• Transducer Type: Planar Magnetic

• Transducer Size: 63mm

• Frequency Response: 6Hz - 26kHz

• Sensitivity: 91 dB/mW

• Impedance: 32 ohms

• Weight: 350 grams

Abyss Diana Phi Headphone

The Diana TC is a compact, luxurious package.

The Diana TC by Abyss[left]

About Abyss Headphones

Abyss hand-builds reference grade headphones in Buffalo, New York using planar magnetic drivers. The parts for Abyss Headphones are machined, finished, and assembled locally, for the utmost in quality control. The patent-pending planar magnetic drivers are known for their powerful dynamics and low-level detail for an effortless, spacious presentation.