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Audeze LCD-X • 2021

The LCD-X's overall tonality is neutral and alongside it's excellent transient response and accuracy allow producers, mastering engineers and music lovers alike to hear all the details within the music. It sounds good even on portable devices but be sure to pair it with a top-flight source, and clean powerful amp like our HeadAmp GSX-Mini, to hear the LCD-X at its best..

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Our Take

The LCD-X headphone is thoroughly engineered and meticulously hand-crafted using the finest, most luxurious materials combined with Audeze’s cutting-edge planar magnetic technology. The new LCD steel & leather suspension headband provides comfort for hours of listening pleasure. Choose between genuine leather or leather-free earpads that are filled with carefully selected acoustical foam for best fit and sound. You’ll be proud of how the LCD-X looks and sounds; it’s imbued with sophisticated looks and beautiful anodized aluminum rings. The quality of the entire structure guarantees years of trouble-free listening. Cutting-edge designs and circuit technologies have created a breathtakingly beautiful sounding headphone.

Acoustically Engineered for Accuracy

Audeze’s innovative planar magnetic technology delivers clear and accurate sound that reveals everything on the recording. Using space-age materials in an ultra thin diaphragm four times larger than typical headphones for fast response times, dramatically reduced distortion, higher resolution and improved imaging. Double-sided magnet arrays delivers a uniform driving force across the entire diaphragm for near zero distortion and Patented Fazor™ Elements guide internal headphone soundwaves to avoid resonance for a more accurate waveform. Additionally it's neutral tonality helps ensure that music mixed on it will translate across most speaker systems.

Audeze LCD-X 2021 Creator Pack

  • Audeze LCD-X 2021 - Planar Magnetic Headphone
  • 1.9m Single-ended 1/4'' to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable
  • Economy travel case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Full factory warranty user guide and warranty card

Audeze LCD-X 2021 Premium Pack

  • Audeze LCD-X 2021 - Planar Magnetic Headphone
  • 6ft Single-ended 1/4'' headphone cable
  • 6ft Balanced 4-pin XLR headphone cable
  • 1/4" to 1/8" stereo adapter
  • Professional travel case
  • User guide and warranty card

Audeze LCD-X 2021 Specs

  • Headphone Type: Open-Back, Over-ear
  • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
  • Driver Size: 106mm
  • Magnetic Type & Structure: Proprietary Neodymium N50 magnet array with Fazor
  • Diaphragm Type: Ultra-thin
  • Impedance: 20 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB/mW
  • Distortion (THD): 0.1% @ 100dB
  • Earpads: Genuine Lambskin Leather or Leather-Free
  • Weight: 612g

About Audeze

The planar-magnetic driver design used by Audeze moves a large ultra-thin driver between magnet arrays, capable of great air movement. This helps create the signature powerful bass that Audeze headphones have become known for, in addition to a natural, extended treble.