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Empire Ears

Empire Ears RAVEN Flagship In-Ear Monitor

Launch Edition: Limited to only 400 units.

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RAVEN is the new flagship in-ear monitor from Empire Ears. Their relentless endeavor to revolutionize how we experience music has led to numerous pioneering technologies that have forever altered the landscape of the IEM industry, and RAVEN stands as the latest testament to their creative prowess.

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Empire Ears has the dedication to superiority guides them to develop and build several of their own proprietary drivers, even in lower volumes, rather than sourcing them from other manufacturers. This autonomy allows them to break new ground in technology, unencumbered by industry constraints or compromises. The RAVEN serves as a testament to the extraordinary engineering at Empire Ears.


RAVEN, Empire Ears' first venture into metallurgy, marks a pivotal point in the quest for sonic excellence. Far from being a mere aesthetic choice, the incorporation of metallurgy, specifically with the 316L stainless steel plate in the RAVEN's faceplate design, demonstrates a profound commitment to elevating the performance of the W10 bone conductor. This steel plate does more than please the eye; it aids in the resonance, amplification, and dispersion of sound waves, synergizing with other elements to achieve a distinctive sound signature and optimize RAVEN's acoustic performance.


-Dual W9+ Subwoofers

-Five Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers

-Quad Electrostatic Tweeters

-Proprietary Multi-Point synX Crossover Network

-Dual Conduction Architecture with Harmonic Resonance Core and Resonance Mitigation Technology


2 ohms @1kHZ

Frequencty Response:
5Hz - 100kHz

108.1dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

Premium Empire X PWaudio R7 OCC Dual Gauge

Cable Termination:
Rhodium Balanced 4.4mm

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About Empire Ears

Empire Ears is unique in its ambition to design the extraordinary and achieve the impossible. Driven by passionate engineers, talented musicians, and exacting audiophiles they are utterly consumed by the desire to create the world's finest in-ear monitors. Empire Ears is family owned in Atlanta, Georgia and with over 30 years experience in acoustic engineering and manufacturing spanning the medical, consumer, and professional markets. Every one of their in-ear monitors are handcrafted by meticulous artisans and tested against the highest standards to deliver a product that you can be as passionate about as they are.