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iBasso DX300 Flagship Player

DX300 MK2 is iBasso's fully evolved new flagship reference digital audio player with dual system controllers and batteries, now shipping exclusively with the updated AMP 11 MK2 module.

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Our Take

Utilizing an In House Developed FPGA-Master for dedicated controll of the Audio systems

DX300 implements an in-house developed FPGA-Master technology for the first time. FPGA-Master is used as the audio main control system to directly request audio data from SoC, serving the functions of data reprocessing and keeping the signal stable; meanwhile, it reconciles all the audio clocks, with the help of two Accusilcon femtosecond crystal, and makes sure that all the functions of the device share the same clock. This helps to lower the jitter as much as possible and builds a clean digital audio system.

The Story

Patented Dual Battery Power Supply Structure

The power supply is the most important component in a DAP, and it is the decisive factor for sound quality. SOC, DAC, AMP, among many others, all have strict requirements for the quality of the power supply. When only one power supply is in place, it will carry too much load, causing the potential cross-interferences between digital and analog systems. This will create extra noise and deteriorate sound quality. DX300 utilizes patented dual power supplies architecture. The AMP part and the digital part of the DAP are separately fed with independent power suppliers.

Fully-balanced DAC design

DX300 implemented 4 Cirrus Logic's flagship DAC chips - CS43198 QFC - to form the DAC matrix, creating a total of 8 DAC channels and a fully-balanced design. With 4 chips working in parallel, it helps to lower the possibility of deterioration from a single DAC due to its random instability, and therefore significantly improves the sound quality with respect to the density and clarify of the sound.

Interchangeable AMP module

In order to fully utilize DX300's potential, we implement an interchanging AMP modular design, enabling more possibilities. Just imagine this, you will have the flexibility to switch from the analytical sound of Op Amp to the warm sound from transistors, without having to change the DAP itself - simply change the AMP modules! The modules will be announced subsequently in the future. We hope that each module will be unique, serving complementary purposes.


• Discrete amp card AMP11 w/ 3.5mm SE, 25.mm balanced and 4.4mm balanced out with a max current output of 2.7A

• 6.5” 2340 x 1080 Full Screen Display

• 5th Gen Mango OS + Android 9.0

• Bluetooth 5.0

• 5G Wifi 2x2 MiMO

• 15 Hours of playtime

• USB Sound Card support for Windows PC, Mac and other platforms

• Coaxial Out - supports up to PCM 384kHz and DoP DSD 128

Technical Specs

Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz

Headphone Output
1.24W up to 7.1Vrms @32 ohms


Dynamic Range

Signal to Noise Ratio

Snapdragon 660 14nm 8-Core SoC

Operating Memory
8GB of RAM

128 Gbs