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iBasso IT01X

Audiophile IEMs with with an ergonomically designed shell for long-term comfort. Relax and enjoy the music. Choose a blue or red metallic finish.

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High-Density Brass Internal Cavity with Dual Helmholtz Resonators

Unlike many other IEMs with an iron internal cavity, the IT01X uses brass for the inner dynamic driver cavity. The higher density of brass can effectively reduce resonance and reduce distortion. This special internal cavity provides a deep and powerful low frequency along with an engaging mid frequency.
The unique brass dual Helmholtz resonators provides a deep and powerful bass that cancel standing waves and ensures full natural sound.

Double-sided Beryllium-pated Diaphragm

iBasso tried countless times using metal plated diaphragms of magnesium, titanium, and beryllium plating with different suspensions and with many different tuning materials. Finally, they chose plating each side of the driver with beryllium for the IT01X. The density of beryllium is only half that of titanium. The lighter weight diaphragm allows the IT01X to be driven with ease. The double-sided beryllium-plated diaphragm has outstanding rigidity, quick response with extremely low distortion, smaller internal resistance, wider high frequency bandwidth, and better overall treble extension.

Mastery of Tuning

iBasso has been deeply involved in the HiFi field for 15 years and has a rich experience in tying from audio players, amp, and headphones including IEMs. On IT01X, not only the new technologies such as double-sided beryllium-plated diaphragms and brass internal cavities are used, but also iBasso’s unique insight into sound aesthetics is brought together.



Frequency Response

108 +/- 2dB

16 ohms

Noise Attenuation

Specs (cont)

<1% (at 1kHz / 1mW)

Plug Size
3.5mm TRS gold-plated

Cord Length

7g without cable