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Jerry Harvey Lola IEM

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Our Take

Born on the world’s largest stages, the Jerry Harvey Audio Performance Series provides the same level of high fidelity and craftsmanship as Custom IEMs in a Universal Fit.

The Lola is a blast to listen to, full of rich, dynamic midrange that never gets old. The highs and lows are extremely well defined, but the midrange, the best on any Jerry Harvey IEM so far, definitely steals the show.

Jerry Harvey Lola

In addition to Jerry Harvey Audio’s Patented Quad Driver and Freqphase Technology, all Performance Series IEMs feature an ergonomic shape, designed and 3D-printed for maximum fit and comfort for every ear whether listening to music or performing on stage.

Lola™ Hybrid IEMs feature Dual Low and Quad High Balanced Armatures and Dual Dynamic 4.9mm Drivers that utilize patent pending D.O.M.E™ Midrange Enclosure Technology.

In order to create the new D.O.M.E™ technology, Jerry sourced 4.9mm dynamic drivers and designed a phase-correct band pass enclosure to house them inside the IEM. This tuned enclosure is custom 3D-printed in our lab and holds two 4.9 dynamic drivers that oppose each another, giving Lola™ a 9.8mm effective midrange driver in a small package.

Lola™ is a balance of power, detail, and warmth. Quick in its bass response, extraordinary in its detail, extension out to 20kHz and a natural, silky, airy, gorgeous midrange courtesy of our D.O.M.E™ technology. Lola™ has an extraordinary analog sound stage that complements string instruments, as well as vocals, and makes a ‘58 Les Paul through a Marshall 4x12 cabinet sound kick ass.

What's Included

• Black DiamonDyzed Aluminum Billet Top Loading Case

• 3 sizes of Comply™ Foam Ear Tips

• 3 sizes of Silicone Ear Tips

• Screw Driver, used to adjust the variable bass

• Wax Tool

Jerry Harvey Lola box and accessories

The Specs


• 8 drivers per side, powered by SoundrIVe technology: Proprietary Dual Low, D.O.M.E™ technology with Dual Dynamic 4.9mm Drivers, Proprietary Quad High

• Variable bass output, adjustable from cable; user controlled low frequency drivers with the adjustable bass (0 +/- 15db)

• Integrated 3-way crossover


• Newly redesigned 3D-Printed Universal Fit shells

• Lightning Strike Faceplates with Copper oversized JH logos

• Triple Bore with Freqphase Stainless Steel Tube Waveguide

Frequency Response
20 Hz to 20 KHz

105 dB/mW

16 ohms

Noise Isolation


About JH Audio

Jerry Harvey Audio (JH Audio) in-ear-monitors are built in Orlando, Florida. Each set is assembled by hand using proprietary drivers, crossover components, as well as custom finishes including carbon fiber to create the most beautiful sounding earpieces.