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RAAL-requisite TI-1 Amp Interface for True-Ribbon™ Headphones

We are proud to be introducing a brand new transformer interface box from RAAL-requisite, which was designed to be used with their True-Ribbon™ headphones. The TI-1 provides access to a vast number of conventional headphone amplifiers, which can then in turn be used with the RAAL-requisite SR1 and CA-1a Circum-Aural ribbon headphones. As little as 2W of power is all that's needed in most cases!

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The TI-1 is a significant development in True-Ribbon™ headphone technology. It's not a copy nor a trick. Instead, this is proper engineering that most successfully solves the compatibility challenges of True-Ribbon™ headphones when using conventional headphone amps.

Enter Toroidal Impedance Matching Transformers!

Transformers will convert the AC signal of high-voltage/low-current into low-voltage/high-current. Essentially, it is turning a high impedance into a low impedance (or vice versa), allowing for matching mismatched sources and loads. This is a transformer's typical duty in ribbon tweeters and tube amps, both of which RAAL-requisite have tons of experience in designing and building. The development took a while longer than hoped for, but ultimately in the end, RAAL-requisite have now developed a transformer-based amp to ribbon interface with 32 and 16 Ohm inputs. It operates with less than -100dB distortion, can transfer 6 watts of power, exhibits no ringing, goes far into the ultrasonic, is safe to plug in and out of a fully cranked amp, safe to drive with headphones unplugged, and grounds the static electricity of the headphones. Simply put… TI-1 safely transforms your headphone amp into a huge current ribbon driving monster!

Open-Baffle Compensation

For driving open-baffle SR1 headphones, we have provided left/right OB Compensation adapters in XLR (balanced) & RCA (single-ended) variants. Just plug them into either of your amp’s inputs (XLRs or RCAs) and plug your interconnect cable into the OB Compensation barrel. That way, whenever you select that input, you will correctly drive your SR1 True-Ribbon™ headphones.

What's Included

• TI-1a Metal Chasis OR TI-1b Molded Chasis Transformer Interface ("Naked"/"Package"/"OB Set")

• ITI 4-pin XLR to 4-pin XLR Cable for connecting conventional headphone level amp output, additional terminations available ("Package"/"OB Set")

• SC2 Cable for connecting True-Ribbon™ headphones to TI-1 interface ("Package"/"OB Set")

• OB Compensation barrel for Balanced XLR amplifier inputs ("OB Set")

• OB Compensation barrel for Single-Ended RCA amplifier inputs ("OB Set")

• 1 Year manufacturer warranty


• 32ohm 4-pin XLR Male Input

• 16ohm 4-pin XLR Male Input

• 4-pin XLR Female Ribbon Headphone Out

The Specs

Recommend Conventional Headphone Amp Output: 2 to 6 Watts at 32 Ohms

TI-1a Dimensions & Weight (L x W x H): 7" x 5.25" x 2" @ ~ 3.29 lbs

TI-1b Dimensions & Weight (L x W x H): 7.25" x 3.25" x 1.75" @ ~ 2.5 lbs



About RAAL-requisite

RAAL-requisite represents two legendary brands in ultra high-end audio, coming together, to create a sound unlike anything the world has ever heard before.