Mytek Brooklyn Bridge Streamer/DAC Overview

The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge is identical to Brooklyn DAC+ in terms of audio circuits and performance but has the addition of a built-in Network Streamer. AES/EBU digital input is replaced with an ethernet network connector, a WiFi antenna and a USB port for external music hard drive. Just add a tablet (iPad or Android) for a complete music system to stream Tidal MQA, Qobuz Hi-Res or other streaming services or play local files connected to the Brooklyn Bridge USB port. Roon requires additional Roon Core. Like in the Brooklyn DAC+ there is a line and phono analog preamplifier and a reference headphone amplifier.


CONVERSION: up to 384k, 32bit PCM, native DSD up to DSD256, DXD, 130dB DR, ES9028PRO chipset
MQA HI-RES DECODER: built in certified hardware MQA™ decoder, full unfold to original sample rate
NETWORK INPUTS: Ethernet CAT5 (PCM up to 24/192k, DSD64 , WiFi (PCM up to 24/192k, DSD64)
DIGITAL INPUTS: USB2 Class2 (OSX, Linux driverless, all formats up to 384k), 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 24/384k, up to DSD128 DOP), Toslink (up to 24/176k, DSD64 DoP)
CLOCK: “Mytek Femtoclock Generator™” 0.82ps internal jitter.
ANALOG OUTPUTS: RCA, balanced XLR, simultaneous, 75 Ohm impedance
HEADPHONE OUTPUTS: Reference High Current, High transient Headphone Amp, 500mA, 6 Watts, dual headphone jacks, designed to drive hard-to-drive headphones.
BUILT-IN ATTENUATOR: Choice of 1dB step analog attenuator, separate for main out and headphones, 1dB step digital 32 bit attenuator and purist relay bypass.
BUILT-IN ANALOG PREAMP: Line level input or Phono M/M, M/C input, relay controlled.
AUDIO INTERFACE FUNCTION: All digital inputs can be routed into computer via USB2. Allows connection of external digital sources such as CD Players and digitizing ADCs.
REMOTE: Included, universal remote capable

About Mytek Digital

Mytek Digital Logo

The professional audio realm has known the name Mytek since 1992, when electrical engineer and Polish immigrant Michal Jurewicz founded the company in New York City to bring his vision of reference quality sound to the studios producing our favorite music.  Over the years industry heavyweights like Sony, Universal, and Warner Music have used Mytek A-D and D-A converters on hundreds, if not thousands of albums, including some by Norah Jones and Beck, among others.

Mytek began building consumer-oriented DACs in 2011, and now boasts a full line of home hi-fi products named for New York boroughs and landmarks, like the flagship Manhattan II DAC, and new wireless streaming Brooklyn Bridge DAC.  Mytek designs their DACs to a strictly neutral reference, such that the signal on the recording is passed through as accurately as possible to the downstream equipment.

Our Take

Mytek’s new Brooklyn Bridge takes the sound quality we love from the Brooklyn DAC+ and adds network streaming, both wired and wireless, and USB host capabilities to fit perfectly in a modern music listening system. Bundle the Brooklyn Bridge with the Brooklyn Amp to drive your stereo speakers. and attach it to our new GS-X mini and have an incredible sounding balanced headphone system in a desktop footprint.